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sound and network card not workig in laptop 9684
How to track Fraud, Junk, and spam Emails 10903
International keyboards 9259
Device drivers 8263
TV on Linux 8541
Can't mount root fs 9015
Reading a foreign file system 7793
Added processors 7589
Blinking leds on the keyboard 8095
Detecting 2 ethernet cards 7560
Resizing and defragmenting Linux filesystems 7545
Parsing the command line in BASH 9000
Makefile don't equal C 7697
Code reuse 7164
Domains to search in 7573
Internet for your LAN 6913
Take Backp of MBR 9849
rpm--->tgz in slackware 7346
Add support to your browser 7200
Which CUPS Password 9331
Installing software in Linux 7311
Mouting windows shares without Samba 7193
know more about your network 6954
Recover files from Linux filesystem 6917
How to build your own Gnu/Linux distribution 7740
Gain of performance for harddisk by using 32bits transfers 7182
Convert your video files VCD,SVCD,DVD 7315
locally checks for signs of a rootkit 6858
Mount NTFS Drives in Gnu/Linux 7344
Block Instant messengers on your network 7217
Re-installing your bootloader 6941
Google book search 8505
enable scroll in your mouse 6726
Listen to Online Music in XMMS 7114
Boot Gnu/Linux Faster 6596
Boost Your Gnu/Linux Engine?. Using Xfce 7878
How to write protect important files 10689
How fast is your ISP 6869
Allowing users to run root programs 7394
umounting a bad CD 7291
Accessing dos Disks 6704
Include path while compiling packages 6711
Get info. about files opened by processes 6495
Creating files/directories with default permissions 6495
Copying directory trees 6594
Explore ext2/ext3 filesystem on windows 9166
How to Fix an UBUNTU Sound Problem 6905
Using Reiserfs In Redhat/Fedora 7067
Increase Hard drive output 6740
view man pages in konqueror 6723
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  • Database  ( 22 items )
    We are coming up with a section on Databases. Most of the articles here will be for databases on Gnu/Linux. I myself have been working a lot with Oracle on Gnu/Linux,so I hope to cover that too.
  • Free Software  ( 2 items )
  • Services  ( 1 items )
    Here We intend to promote variuos free service providers who provide services such as web pages, email, shell/vnc to their users for free

    We will provide technical support in form of regular articles and help pages to help you to avail these services for free

    Presenlty We have have full support from nipl.net and govinda.nipl.net in providing you with same.

    Free Services provided by nipl.net

        * Ssh login accounts and Tightvnc/X11 desktops; great for online-learning.
        * Web hosting with Apache, including https, CGI, SSI and PHP, with ftp and sftp access.
        * Email, including webmail, anti-spam, imap, pop3 and SMTP.  We use Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrelmail and DSPAM.
        * Mailman email lists; mail fetching with Fetchmail, Fetchyahoo and Gotmail.
        * Jabber chat.
        * Syncing, backup and revision-control repositories, using Subversion, Darcs, Arch or Rsync.
        * Serendipity, Blosxom and WordPress blogs; phpBB forums; Oddmuse and MediaWiki wikis.
        * Webcalendars for managing your appointments.
        * Publish art or photos online with Gallery.
        * Cards, a simple way to help one another.
        * Editpage, an online web page editor.
        * Htmldebloater, a web proxy which we are running on port 8080, which strips unnecessary stuff out of html.
        * DNS (domain name) hosting with BIND; and FreeNS, a alternative DNS network.
        * Mysql and Postgresql databases; LDAP directory services.
        * Technical support, web design and programming.  We are happy to set up new whatever software you need.
        * Mentoring, teaching, and learning together: theology, languages, free software, mathematics, science, computer progamming, web design, art, music...  you name it, some of us are into it!
        * Help to publish books, papers, music and art online.

    For availing these free services

        visit nipl.net
        visit govinda.nipl.net
  • Aaj Ka Command  ( 68 items )
    "One Day One Gnu/Linux Command"
    Get information on random commands in Gnu/Linux
    This Feature is maintained by Bharathi Subramanian
    The full archive is maintined here

  • blogs  ( 7 items )
    A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Although most early weblogs were manually updated, tools to automate the maintenance of such sites made them accessible to a much larger population, and the use of some sort of browser-based software is now a typical aspect of "blogging".

    read more
  • programming  ( 2 items )
    programming links and tutorials
  • Wiki  ( 2 items )
    Articles on Wiki
    Join Us at our Wiki, Wiki @ gnulinuxclub
  • Latest News  ( 5 items )
    The latest news from the GnuLinuxClub.org Team
  • Corporate Corner  ( 1 items )
    help for corporate section
  • Newbie corner  ( 6 items )
    Direction for newbies
  • articles/tutorials  ( 39 items )
    Browse the various articles and tutorials here

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